Monday, 20 February 2012


As I sit here, my stomach is growling. Its 1:50PM and I am starving! So far today I have had a bowl of Honey Chex, 2 oranges, a tomato, and about a litre of water. I have a pot of water on the stove and am making alfredo because I can't stand the grow lies anymore.

This whole weekend has revolved around food (that's typical of most weekends actually) It started Friday with a trip to the grocery store where Nick and I were both hungry. We did good though and didn't buy any junk food, we did buy a lot of food though!

I had spaghetti sauce started in the crock pot so we ate that for dinner (I finished the leftovers the next morning for pre-breakfast) Saturday we had Chicken for dinner which was awesome, and Sunday was home made pizza. Both Saturday and Sunday morning we made crepes and now its Monday and Im still eating like a crazy hungry person.

oh well, whatever food is fun.

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