Friday, 1 June 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

So, its my birthday today & I'm 34 officially. I know people who are older than me who read this won't think 34 is old, but think back to when you turned 34 & I bet you felt old at the time! (Sorry if that offended anyone, just making a point) so this birthday has been a tough one to wrap my brain around. The last one that was like this was when I turned 20....that year went okay so here's hoping this one does too!

I have some things to tackle during the next 12 months:

1. Be better to my body. I run - a fair amount - but I don't think I fuel my body very well. I ask it to do stuff but if I don't treat it right its just gonna say NO one of these days. So....guess what body!?!? I pledge to treat you better by giving you plenty of awesome food, stretching more, and (after The summer RW Run Streak) taking days OFF from running, cool huh?

2. Be competitive over what matters aka don't be competitive over every little thing! I pledge to choose my battles with this one. As much as it would totally rock, I do not need to always be first with everything. If I can keep that in mind & focus on doing my best & pouring my all into the things that truly matter, I will be better off & probably less exhausted all of the time.

3. Sleep more. This ties in to #1 and #2. Being better to my body by sleeping more (clearly this will be a challenge as I am typing this blog at 12:45 in the morning) and focusing on not doing EVERYTHING will mean I have more time to me, so I can sleep!

That seems like a good start to my 34th year of being on this awesome planet :)

June Goals

Hard to believe it is June already! wow this year is just flying by. Here;s a look at my goals for June.

Races signed up for:
 -Just one this month, the Starbucks Run for Women 5K on the 23rd. I have a 1/2 on July 8th, so prepping for both of those right now. I don't really have a time goal as I don't normally run this distance and I am not that speedy! So Im really just going for the race bling at the end!

Things to focus on:
- Im working all different shifts and days at work so my eating habits have not been great. I NEED to be taking food with me every day so 1) I actually eat, and 2) its healthy food. I've been bad for skipping lunches, or when I do go, eating fast food. Neither is good so I will change this!

- Ive started doing a few form drills. It makes me look a little nuts skipping down the sidewalk at 5AM but I don't care. Need to improve/strengthen my form and also strengthen my back muscles as they feel a little cranky lately.

- I am doing the Runners World Run Streak (info here) so I will do at least a mile each day until July 4th.

Thats all for now, off to work!