Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Longest Run Ever!

Today was my longest run ever this morning 15K. And although I feel awesome for accomplishing it, it felt awful! As I said in my earlier post I got gluten from somewhere on the weekend, and I was dealing with Celiac issues all week, which meant I was pretty drained for today's run and my insistence on completing it, outweighed my more logical brain that was screaming not to do it.
Anyway, its done and now I am left with a very annoyed feeling since, once again,my lack of patience has gotten the better of me. Now I feel crappy and I am supposed to feel awesome and just tired!

So this week, my plan is to listen to the Logical Me, and take things slowly. Tomorrow is a rest day. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are 5, 6, and 7K, Friday is a rest day, Saturday is the Halloween Howl and Sunday is 12K. I will dutifully follow my recipe for success, and if I feel like I do now, I will stop and give myself a break.

Ugh, that's all for now.

Monday, 10 October 2011

anti aging, sheep and turkeys

(Run: 10K + wii yoga + EA Sports Active + 3K dog walk)

That's the number of people who are registered for the marathon I am running in May...I check every so often...wonder when more people sign up? Guess it is still 7 months away....

Finished off my Sephora order. Cannot wait to get it. Got some Amazing Cosmetics, and a new skin care regimen from Ole Henriksen..its anti aging..let's face it, I am 33 and although I am fine with getting older, I still wanna look my best!

Measured Lilo for her home made sheep costume I have decided to make for her, Nick, and I for the Halloween Howl. Last year there were all these cool dogs and their rocking' costumes and we didn't know we could bring dogs, so the plan for this year is to have fun with it and dress up. We are doing the 3K because that's about what Lilo can do, and all dressed up, thats asking a lot of her! I will post pictures as the costumes come together, so far, its all in my head, so I need to do some shopping and start getting creative.

Thanksgiving yesterday was awesome! There was lots of food for me to eat, Nick's Mom even made a GF Apple cake!!

Lilo had a blast and got SO dirty! I saw her walk into the mud, lay down, and smile LOL Here's a before + after:

Look Mom! I'm all clean, and being good.
what???? I'm just plain'.....

I also visited the turkeys...the living ones, not the one on the table....aww poor turkey!

turkeys, chickens, and peacocks oh my!

We ate a lot of food, played some games and everyone had a great time. The sunset was also beautiful!

so pretty!

  Unfortunately I did get some gluten from somewhere :-( but I guess it happens occasionally.

That's it for now!

Sunday, 9 October 2011


Run: 5K + EA Sports Active

I am a huge creature of habit, as I am sure most people are. Its Sunday today, but not a normal Sunday since we are going to meet Nick's parents for Thanksgiving dinner, so my routine feels weird.

I started out fine with a nice 5K which was great, the weather is chilly but not raining (!!!) so that was awesome. Then I went downstairs to pick out the cherry tomatoes. (yum) There are a bunch that still are changing colour, so maybe another week or two before I gobble them all up!

Then I started a new workout on EA Sports Active II. This one is the most challenging workout on there & it definitely wakes me up! After this one (its a 9 week program) I will probably go back to Wii Fit Plus which is fun. I love the yoga on there! These workouts are how I start my days in the fall and winter. The sun doesn't rise until 7AM or later now, and I do not like running in the dark, so this is what I do for exercise in the mornings when I work, and then after work, I go for a run. The sun is setting around 7PM not though which means its treadmill season soon, yuck.

I wouldn't really detest the treadmill so much except I know I will NEED to run on it so much this winter because of marathon training. Last winter I was good until about December and then that was about it until the weather improved. I would go outside when the weather was decent on weekends and never really thought much of it, but this winter is a whole different story!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Today was awesome

What a nice relaxing day! I got to do 'girly' things. Read some magazines, did up a Sephora order, Their website is having maintenance done so I can't finish off my order, so tomorrow I will most likely add more to it before completing it LOL.

Made some awesome pasta sauce - we ate most of it and didn't bother with making the pasta!

Nick and I played some Mario Kart on the wii which was great. We bought it yesterday complete with 2 steering wheels LOL, I love that game!

Molly went back to her home this afternoon, so Lilo is a little sad.

I've been thinking of pumpkin carving, this was last years:
and it turned out so awesome that I don't know what to do for this year! 

Tomorrow we are heading to Nick's Parents for Thanksgiving dinner. I am apparently bringing the only gluten free thing I had better bring something good!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Rat Race

Run 6.5KM

OMG, its Fall! The weather is rainy and cold, the clouds are blocking out the sunlight, and it is dark when I wake up - oh yeah, so not a fan of fall/winter.

This week has been insane; just coming off of inventory at work, huge computer issues company wide, busy ops meeting, and *deep breath* i am off tomorrow....aaahhhhhh

Checked the weather and it is supposed to be rainy and a high of 9 degrees. plan is to uncover the treadmill as its been used for holding boxes and clothes down the basement all summer. I really don't like the treadmill, its noisy and squeaks, and is down the basement which is not my favourite place to be, but it will just have to do if I am too wimpy to go outside to the great outdoors.

I have EA Sports Active II which is fun for cardio and a little strength to get me up in the mornings. They do have a 10K run on there, wonder what that is like, running in one spot for 10K? hmm, I will try it tomorrow and report back.

I am stupidly excited to have a day off (and actually its a 3 days weekend) So that tells me I soooo need a break.

Gonna go walk the dogs, in the rain. We just have Molly with us for another full day then she's back to her home. Lilo will miss her like crazy, they play together so well :-)

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The first of many

I have been contemplating starting a blog for some time now. Now that I have, I am hyper aware of all of the things I want to talk about! Dog Training, Running, Movies, Books, My life etc. Its quite exciting.

My main reason for starting this blog is to keep track of my progress towards running my first marathon. I am signed up for the Scotial Bank Calgary Marathon in May 2012 and with winter looming just around the corner, the need to keep motivated is greater than ever.

There are certainly many things to keep me honest. Each morning, Training Peaks emails me my run for the next day which I have diligently planned out from September 2011 until May 2012. I have my Garmin Forerunner that keeps track of the actual runs, which is so addictive, and of course my family who are supportive although they question on a regular basis why anyone would voluntarily sign up to run 26.2miles/42.2km's.

Why did I sign up? Its something deep down I have wanted to do for a while. Sort of a bucket list type thing at the beginning, but has grown into so much more. I want to continue to be healthy and good to my body as I age so I can enjoy life, experience more, and feel great. The marathon is symbolic of all of that, and just a personal goal I have set for myself.

So, there ya have it. My first blog post. :-)