Monday, 15 April 2013


Last week, I made the fairly epic decision I would focus my training toward qualifying for Boston. I had finally been bitten by the Boston bug & decided to add it to my list of running goals.

After the tragic events today at the Boston Marathon, qualifying seems like such a bigger & more purposeful goal now. The bombings haven't deterred me from working towards doing this, they've catapulted my desire to train and accomplish this goal.

The news of today has really affected me, it's fairly akin to September 11th in that my brain isn't sure what to do. This is running: safe, happy, running.

The spectators- our cheerleaders- were the ones really affected. The parents supporting their kids, wives & husbands cheering on their significant other, friends catching a glimpse & snapping a photo as their running friends go by.

It does not make sense, why target dedicated, hard working athletes who are getting out there to celebrate their accomplishments in a sport they love? People lost feet, ankles, limbs today. Does not make sense.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Flip Flop

I am so torn!

I'm currently registered for the Half Marathon on may 26 but am going back and fourth on if I should switch it to the 10K. I've already emailed the race people to ask about switching so if they go ahead & just do it then I guess I have my answer.

Right now in my training which is really just getting started after months off, I'm comfortable at about 6 miles easy pace. I'm thinking with 6 weeks to go & a very weak/non existent base that the 10K might be the smarter route.

If I were to do the 1/2 I would be walking the majority of it which is ok I guess but I'm really not a fan of running/walking on my own at the back of the pack at an event. Adding a mile each week to my long run would get me there in time though.

So undecided!