Sunday, 22 January 2012

1st Training Week Done!

Run: 10 miles

So, first week of marathon training schedule is over! 26 miles this week on the schedule, I did 25 as Monday I went 2 miles rather than 3. I have to say, I am looking forward to having tomorrow as a non running day - not used to 6 days in a row for sure!

For this week, I am going to go slower Tuesday to Thursday to save some energy for Sundays run as it was certainly a challenge today!

I was looking over my schedule & noticed I started it a week early -oopsies! So I was able to tone down the week we are in Dominican, without losing too much overall so I feel REALLY good about that.

Tomorrow for cross training I am going to do yoga, need to stretch everything out & really prepare for the week. I did 2 ice baths this week & they helped soo much. Super not loving them, but the benefits outweigh the uncomfortable minutes for sure. My toes are the problem! The cold water makes them hurt SO much!!!

Happy with my results in the Twitter Road Race! I finished 14th in my age category & 35th overall female, that adds up to awesome in my books!

That's it for now, have a good evening all :)

Saturday, 21 January 2012

#TwitterRoadRace 5K

Today was the Twitter Road Race 5K. Such a run idea. I really love reading all of the Tweets and seeing how many people just had fun because that's what it is all about. I finished mine as part of a 5 mile run and while the 5 miles wasn't the greatest, the 5K was okay for sure.

whoa, that's me and my cool results!
Tomorrow once all of the results are in, the rankings etc will be posted that will be awesome to see as well since there are people of all ages, abilities, and from all over the world doing this, its quit amazing.

I have 10 miles planned for tomorrow. I am looking forward to it, just wish todays run went better so I felt pumped about tomorrow, because now I just feel mildly concerned. I am having a tough time figuring out what wasn't great about it - other than my legs felt like lead and my times were progressively slower each KM!

Tomorrow is a new day, that's all I have for now.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Ice Bath

Run: 3 miles

So last night iran 5 miles & pushed myself to go a little faster every K, and I did that in 1-7 and then that's all I had so the last K was a little slower. Because I'm running 6 days this week, and typically run 5, I didn't want to chance sore legs & so I decided to do an ice bath. I filled the tub just enough to cover my lower legs & knelt there for 10 uncomfortable and chilly minutes. My toes were the very coldest & my legs looked a little red lobster like.

This morning, my legs felt AWESOME and they have stayed that way all day. So I am a fan for sure! Its so good for them, and to recover so much faster is just fantastic!

So the weekend is

3 miles friday
5 miles with Twitter Road Race 5K in there too on saturday
10 miles on sunday

So weekly mileage is targeted to be: 2+3+5+3+5+10 = 28 miles.

Then Monday is cross training....not sure what that will be yet as its super chilly outside, any ideas? Something I can fit in early AM from 5 to 6 preferably.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Running Is Awesome

Run: 5 miles

Today was not the best day ever. I was in a funk all day & really only improved at around 4, not for lack of effort for sure. I was having a super emotional day which on any typical day might be comical, but since I was also having a very serious day, it was just a little messy.

Anyway, glad I am feeling more chipper now!

I mentioned a few posts ago about the new Under Armor tank tops & shorts that I bought a few weeks ago. They truly are awesome! I LOVE how comfy the shorts are & the tanks fit well & are cool as well, thank you for Heat Gear.

I was certainly skeptical with the shorts being 'charged cotton' but seriously are charged with something super amazing as they are not hot, heavy, and they breathe really well too.

Last night's run was 3miles/5K. My legs were not sore before starting, they felt a little heavy is all. After the run they still felt good, so the rest day yesterday was a smart idea - GO ME! When I'm running I'm really working on keeping good form & not getting sloppy when I speed up or get tired. Its mostly successful although I will needto put a continued focus on this to really nail it in the longer runs.

This weekend on Saturday as part of my 5 mile run, I am doing a 5K Twitter Road Race (search #TwitterRoadRace on Twitter for more info). This is really a cool idea. Its the first one ever & there are (at the time of this post) over 700 people participating from all over the world. The idea behind it is to keep running fun & interesting & be a part of something new! All you do, is sign up, run 5K Saturday & then fill out a form with your time. All of the results will then be posted at the end. Some people have really got into it & posted logos and race numbers too.

Running Is Awesome.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Its Tuesday

This is normally a run day for me and Mondays are a rest day, but I switched up this week. Yesterday my calf muscles were so tight that I thought a short 3 mile run would do it. I went SLOW and at the end my calves felt better but my shin was really sore. So I iced it for a bit and then it felt good but my calves hurt again. So, since I don't have a foam roller, I used a rolling pin to get some of the tension out. Wow it hurt but after wow it felt good! So I decided since my legs haven't hurt that bad in a very long time, that I would take today off.

Walking to the train after work, my legs feel good! A bit heavy, otherwise good though :) so while I am thrilled about that (and still taking today off) I wonder if it was the short, relaxed run, or the rolling pin, or both? I will need to investigate further and I have ample opportunities judging by my training schedule. This week is 3 miles Wednesday, 5 miles Thursday, 3 miles Friday, rest Saturday, and 10 miles on Sunday. sounds like a decent week only 21 miles but that's because of Sundays awesome half marathon effort!!!!!

I totally feel in a great spot running wise now. I feel prepared to start this 17 week training plan, totally committed to completing it, and for the first time in a while, I feel like I have the time to devote to putting the effort in, which has been the issue in the past.

I will continue this later, my fingers are getting to cold to be able to type properly!

Sunday, 15 January 2012


So today I ran the Nike+ Women's Half Marathon. It was awesome! Such a confidence booster and just a fantastic way to end a pretty good weekend. So I treated it just like any other race and had set a start time of 9AM. I ran the whole thing on my treadmill and I have to say it was pretty awesome wearing shorts and a tank top when we had a snow storm outside! I wore new shorts and a new tank, both Under Armor and they both were fantastic, I made good purchases there! So I started out really fast. I did the first 10K at 46:03 which is only 16 seconds slower than my PR time, but that was from last year so apparently I am much faster now! As you can probably guess, this totally kicked me in the butt for the last part of the half. I slowed down drastically and ended up with a final time of 2:10:16. I am still SO thrilled with that time, it would have been MUCH smarter to keep a closer watch over my pace at the beginning though and I may have been a few minutes faster overall. Still, so psyched about my time and feel really prepared now to hunker down and train my butt off for the marathon in May. I am going into May with the outlook of being happy with completing the marathon. But after today it would be pretty cool to finish 4:30 or better. Still that's a long way away and a much different race than the one I did today, so still my goal is to complete it..I will worry about time for the second one. Anyway, I will post more on this later. One thing I'm not too happy with on iPad is not being able to upload pictures...oh well I can edit this later and stick some in there. Good night!

Saturday, 7 January 2012

It Begins...almost :)

My actual marathon training plan starts on January 16th.
This is the real deal one. Everything I have been doing for the last year and a half ish has been prep. Building base really and now it\'s game time!!! So psyched for this!!

I have a very strong feeling right now that I have no idea what I am doing. I am clueless about hydration, have not really experimented with energy chews or gels, and hydrating as I go. I guess thats about where I should be but it\'s weird to not really have this all planned out...for me anyway. So I did a little online shopping today. I found a $1.99 water bottle holder I am going to try out for longer runs, and got some Honey Stinger chews as well. I also picked up some $4.99 bungee cord laces as I have a new fear of tripping on my laces LOL such a worry wort!

The weather this winter is so strange. There\'s basically no snow and the temperatures are so nice and warm! So I was able to do today\'s run outside which was a treat. Love my treadmill but the sunshine and outdoors just can\'t be beat in my books! So I did 6 Miles around the neighborhood and although i was super slow it felt good to enjoy the sunshine. Not sure why it went so slowly but oh well, that happens sometimes and tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow is 9 miles and then it\'s taper time for next weekends Nike Women\'s Half Marathon. I really hope the weather stays nice so that I can run it outside rather than on the treadmill, time will tell!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


I have never been much of a resolutions person. I think it's crazy that people put all that pressure on themselves at the beginning of the year - talk about a buzz kill. However, I am all for doing a list of things I want to accomplish this year, what I already have on the go.

1. Running.
This is my biggest category of goals and things I have on the go by far. In 11 days I will complete the Nike+ Women's Marathon which I am really excited about. It's perfect really as its virtual so no pressure about start lines, bathroom breaks, etc. less stress is always a good thing. My big goal though is running my first marathon in May. I have been signed up since registration opened last year, and am really excited for it. I would like to complete at least one more half this year, and possibly a full. It depends of course on how all the training goes and what's available. We have our vacation planned out for the year already so this year I am limited to what is in the area, which really shouldn't be a problem either way. This year is about continuing to build an awesome base and planning for bigger things in the years to come.

2. Eat Better.
This is also something I have on the go and have improved a lot on. I make a conscience effort to have lunch on a regular basis which is something I never did even 6 months ago. I am and always will be a salad girl, but I sometimes am too quick to shove needless empty calories into my mouth. We basically don't have junk food in our house except for the occasional tortilla chips or nachos, but that's about it. Where my weakness is is sugary, super yummy coffees! Love Starbucks. LOVE IT! And so making better choices and setting a coffee limit is something I will focus on. I will not take Starbucks out of my diet, just be smarter about what I order. That's sensible and something I can do.

That's all I have for now, I will add more later I am sure.