Friday, 1 June 2012

June Goals

Hard to believe it is June already! wow this year is just flying by. Here;s a look at my goals for June.

Races signed up for:
 -Just one this month, the Starbucks Run for Women 5K on the 23rd. I have a 1/2 on July 8th, so prepping for both of those right now. I don't really have a time goal as I don't normally run this distance and I am not that speedy! So Im really just going for the race bling at the end!

Things to focus on:
- Im working all different shifts and days at work so my eating habits have not been great. I NEED to be taking food with me every day so 1) I actually eat, and 2) its healthy food. I've been bad for skipping lunches, or when I do go, eating fast food. Neither is good so I will change this!

- Ive started doing a few form drills. It makes me look a little nuts skipping down the sidewalk at 5AM but I don't care. Need to improve/strengthen my form and also strengthen my back muscles as they feel a little cranky lately.

- I am doing the Runners World Run Streak (info here) so I will do at least a mile each day until July 4th.

Thats all for now, off to work!

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