Monday, 28 May 2012

running is fun!

So, I woke up this morning and didn't move...nothing hurt...then I moved...ow.

It got better as the day went by and by the time I was on my way home, I was itching for a run. Took the dog for a walk and then went outside. It sure is hot out! Okay, well its only 15 degrees but that felt hot to me. It was great to actually have to wear sunglasses.

I just went for a short run around the pond and back - about 3K - and there was lots of activity around. The cool thing i LOVE about running is that people who are walking move outta my way! This makes me go faster, which I llloooovveee, but then I get tired so I have to slow down. Holy cow I just realized I have a 5K in like 4 weeks and I would like to run it in like 26-27 minutes which is speedy for me, so I need to work on going faster for longer..and when the weather is like this and the people are moving out of my way, its really fun to work on speed!

Today was supposed to be a day off from running, but the sunshine convinced me to get out and enjoy! Tomorrow is 5K Tuesday - YAY!

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