Thursday, 11 April 2013

Flip Flop

I am so torn!

I'm currently registered for the Half Marathon on may 26 but am going back and fourth on if I should switch it to the 10K. I've already emailed the race people to ask about switching so if they go ahead & just do it then I guess I have my answer.

Right now in my training which is really just getting started after months off, I'm comfortable at about 6 miles easy pace. I'm thinking with 6 weeks to go & a very weak/non existent base that the 10K might be the smarter route.

If I were to do the 1/2 I would be walking the majority of it which is ok I guess but I'm really not a fan of running/walking on my own at the back of the pack at an event. Adding a mile each week to my long run would get me there in time though.

So undecided!

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