Monday, 27 May 2013

Race Registrations

I feel like a lot has happened since yesterday! So much thinking about running & decisions etc. Due to yesterday's sub-par performance & to some extent, the 6 month running break I had to take between October & March, I've decided not to do the Banff Half Marathon. It still sounds amazing & would be cool to do it during the first year but I just don't feel ready.

So instead, my next race (might do a 5k or 10k between now and then) is the Dinosaur Valley Half Marathon on September 8th.

That will give me the summer to build back up my running base & confidence & then go out & enjoy it rather than stress out which is what I was doing with Banff at the end of June.

I did competitive dressage for years & ended up getting out of it because it got to the point where it was so very very competitive & everything had to be perfect & for me that just took the fun out of it. I DEFINITELY still have that competitive nature in me but am determined to keep things fun & enjoyable while I compete with myself!

Also today I registered for my 1st marathon!!! Yay! Calgary Marathon 2014!!!!! I have a year to be ready & to Rock it. I would LLOOOVVVEEE to qualify for Boston as well & that no doubt will be in my mind & my training as I focus on race pace etc but however it goes, this marathon will be my first & that's super special in its own right :)

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