Thursday, 30 May 2013

June Goals

Here's what is running through my head for June.

Races: none planned.

Mon = 5 miles
Tues = 3 miles hills (treadmill as there are no hills around here)
Wed = 4 miles pace
Thur = 5 miles
Fri = Rest day
Sat = long run 8-10 miles, increasing a mile every 2 weeks
Sun = Cross train (bike & yoga)
Weekly mileage: 25-27miles/wk
Month mileage: 112 miles

I've been fitting in a 5-6K run in the evening on a few days as well. I will keep this up only if I'm feeling really great. Right now my knee is sore & hip is still twitchy so I will scale that back for next week anyway.

- geeking out with my new Garmin. I'm looking forward to it, but still going to miss my FR110 like crazy.
- running the long runs slowly - like really slow. Monday & Thursday slower as well.
- stretching, stretching, stretching
- eating smart. Getting lighter = getting faster! Haven't been too successful in the getting lighter department :(

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