Sunday, 27 May 2012

This is not how today was supposed to go...but

Today has been a lesson in many things. Things such as dealing with unexpected changes on race day, realizing what does and doesn't work, and learning and moving on. 

Today was supposed to be my first marathon, and it started out that way..until I was directed down the wrong road, and then got very turned around, lost, and finally decided to pack it in. 

During the race and the morning, I had thought I had made a wrong turn, but didn't really know how as things seemed fairly well marked and there were volunteers ushering runners everywhere. I saw later through the help of my Garmin, that I was directed to continue down a street and then turn, when I should have turned at that street. I continued running down the wrong street and ended up at a park, the route didn't show a park at that spot, and I could not figure out my way back onto the course and lost a ton of time, so I DNF'ed and called it a day. 

Good Things About Today:
- I found out my water bottle holder is awful and will not use it again.
- Up until the point I got lost, I was having a blast!
- I was on pace and felt great

What I Learned About Today:
- Walk/drive/bike ride/etc. the route prior to running it if possible, or carry a more detailed map than the one I had.
- I choose the perfect clothes, even after agonizing about it and changing my mind several times!
- I WANT TO DO THE ENTIRE RACE AGAIN. But of course I cannot do that until next year, so next year I will get it right and it will rock!

Next Few Runs Are;
- StarBucks Run For Women 5K on 06/23/12
- Stampede Road Race Half - 07/08/2012
- Dinosaur Valley Half - 09/09/2012

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