Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter Saturday

Yesterday was awesome! Most fun I've had in a while :)

I started off the day with a treadmill run/walk for 7 miles & a dog walk/jog for 5K as part of the Virtual Happy 5K for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Notice how I put walk at the end of the treadmill & beginning if the 5K? Yeah, I wasn't speedy for sure but I got out there & did it and it set the tone for the day :)

Got home, had a shower & headed over to the parents in law. Everyone was outside enjoying the nice day. Lilo had a blast outside playing with the other dogs & just running around playing farm dog.

We had a great dinner with hot plates & loads of meats, veggies, cheese etc to put on the grills. I love doing a hot plate as we tend to really mingle & have conversations rather than just scarfing down food...although we did that too!

Then I got to see the puppies! Three litters of cute little puppies! Copper had her puppies (Golden-Doodles) that day with a total of 12! Reba had hers on Monday (Bernese) with 6 I think & Simba had hers (Bernese) on Friday with 9. I might've got the numbers switched for Simba & Reba. Anyway 27 adorable healthy puppies in total :) they each have their own box in the house & have been spoiled with extra food & goodies like liver, eggs & extra calcium - strong mom's = strong puppies!!!

After dinner we coloured Easter eggs (I have blue fingers still)! i think it was originally intended to be a kids only activity but i got a little excited about it so i got one to colour. Nick did one & so did Ed & Kees & Anneloes! John brought fireworks which were excellent! and then we had a quick bonfire with the old Christmas trees. Headed home around 10:30. I was so tired & literally took of my shoes & went to bed! It was a fun day!

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