Saturday, 18 January 2014


Why is it so difficult to find good nutrition information? Everyone has an opinion and there are so many different schools of thought.

Some say vegan or vegetarian is the way to go, others say whole foods, some including meats, some not, then there's juicing & fasting & even the trusty old food pyramid has some merit. How do you decide what's best without trial & error?

I love juicing, or I guess smoothie making as I'm working with a magic bullet. It's fun, I can make so many different varieties of healthy drinks & I do find an energy boost from it.

But then I worry about getting enough protein & iron which I've struggled with in the past during my vegetarian years. I don't eat a lot of meat anyway & really would be more content without it but how do I know I'm getting everything my body needs on a regular basis?

Then there's always the Celiac Question. My body has a hard time properly digesting everything from years of gluten consumption when I didn't know it was so harmful for me. So I think about that as well.

I know I eat WAY healthier than I did even just a few years ago. I actually think about the benefits I'm giving my body by putting good food into it. Kale is actually a favourite food, 3 years ago I had no idea kale even existed! Veggie smoothies are a staple in my diet & my trusty magic bullet lives on the countertop now (being a clean freak, it's a huge thing when I decide to regularly leave small kitchen appliances out on the counter).

I still love my GF pizza but I've scaled back the frequency with which I enjoy it. Drinking coffee as a daily ritual is something I changed about 6 months ago now & that has stuck. I still drink coffee a little but it's only with friends or when Nick decides to pick up Tim Horton's on his way home from work. It's not something I HAVE to have.

I guess I'm still finding my path through the food jungle, it would just be nice to have a guide occasionally!

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