Monday, 13 January 2014

New Year Slow Start

So.. Here I sit in bed feeling gross with the flu & realizing I'm already 57 miles behind my goal of 2014 in 2014. By this point I should be about 66 miles in but this far I've completed one run on New Years of 15K (about 9 miles).

Since I finished my no sugar no starch healthy eating challenge mid December, I've had 2 colds & the flu. Yuck.

I did fall off the responsible eating bandwagon over the past few weeks, enjoying things like Cherry Coke, cinnamon Chex, & eating chips, nachos with salsa & GF raisin bread. I'm still eating fruits & veggies & salads but the amount of bad food is taking over and my resulting poor health & general blah feeling simply isn't worth it.

I have a marathon in 20 weeks & I need to be ready for it. With the amount I travel with work this makes training super difficult as sticking to a regular plan is tricky. I'm home weekends & usually Monday mornings & Friday nights so it's the Tuesday to Thursday runs & workouts that are a challenge. I can make those cross training days for two of those & then the other a rest day that just means I'm then fitting in runs Friday, Saturday Sunday which further down the line is going to eat up a fair amount of weekend/family time. I will tackle that as the mileage increases. (This doesn't look so bad now that I've typed it out, thanks blog!)

As I'm a fan of small successes, I'm forcing myself to look no further than the next 2 weeks. In that time these are my goals:
- get healthy
- go back to 100% fruits & veggies.
- follow my training plan.

The plan is:
This week
- 11 mile long run on Sunday
- 5 miles/day once flu is gone
Next week:
- 6 miles Monday, Friday
- NTC Tuesday, Wednesday, rest day Thursday.
- 7 miles Saturday
- 12 mile long run Sunday

That's it! Super simple.

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