Friday, 11 November 2011

26.2 is really far!

Today has been a pretty neato day so far! It started off with waking up to find a nice clean house thanks to my awesome husband who cleaned while I was sleeping last night - sweet! Then I got an email from Stephanie Rothstein in regards to The Picky Club which was super cool! I also hammered out a marathon plan for the next 27 weeks of my life thanks to Hal Higdon. I did a bunch of research for what I think will work for me, and his stuff fits! I also give him credit because he is old, has done this tons, and lots of people follow his plans. I went with the Intermediate 2 plan which also seems like a good fit. I needed to adjust what I had already planned out so there were more goals. I needed some pace runs in there! Just going out there and getting in the mileage was boring, and not enough goals (I LOVE goals, thrive on them, they are awesome!) so I am happy with this.

Love it even though it scares me a little!

A few minor things that could be difficult are running 10 miles on Saturday the day after we get to the Dominican, and then 20 miles on the Sunday. And doing 6 miles with lots of jet lag the day after we get back..there wasn't really a way around it though due to the timing. And I have promised myself that if i can't fit it all in while on vacation, that i won't stress or freak out about it LOL, thats a challenge in itself!

Treadmill is estimated to arrive Tuesday and I am over the moon excited for it! In honour of my new (SO FREAKING AMAZING) treadmill, I have changed my runs from kilometres to miles since that's how the speed is broken down, and while I'm awesome at math, why over-complicate things? So miles it is, just need to remember to switch my Garmin over as well.

The distances freak me out a bit. The longest run I have been on is about 12 miles (this is so weird talking in miles!) and while 10 miles is fairly comfortable, its a heck of a long way from 10 to 26.2. So, I went on Google Maps and mapped it out on a route I am familiar with, it didn't make me feel any more confident - whoops that backfired!
umm...that is quite a long distance Google Maps!
Went and checked out registration for the marathon an there are 44 people registered. The route is changing (doesn't really mean much as i've never ran it before!) and the new route won't be posted until January, so I will have to wait a while before obsessing over that!

Overall, I am excited, nerves are allowed to creep in now and again :-)
(this is definitely a "gotta do it one day soon" thing)

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