Sunday, 20 November 2011


well, the weekend is over and I am one happy individual! This was a great weekend. My treadmill got all set up (bit of a gong show, but its all done now!) Friday was a bit crazy as Nick and I both booked the afternoon off work since the treadmill was supposed to be delivered between 1 and 4. When it still wasn't here at 3:30 I called to find out it had not made the truck for delivery. I went to walk the dog, and Nick had to go to work to pick up a phone. On the way home, he picked up the treadmill!

We were attempting to lug it into the house when our neighbour was coming back from walking his dog. he helped us get it in the door which was a lifesaver as I don't think we could have done it without his help! We plunked it in the kitchen, opened up the box, and took up the pieces individually. The deck was the last piece to go up and after some navigating around the corner of the stairs, it was up!

Nick and I were both on call, so between phone calls and emails, we managed to get it mostly together. We needed to pick up a surge suppressor and did that on Saturday.

it took stopping at 4 different stores to finally find one, but its all good because we picked up Subway while we were at Home Depot!

Got home and by this time its Saturday afternoon. Finally got it all together and calibrated :-)

This morning I did my first run. It was just 2.2 miles through Times Square. I took my time and fiddled around with the different views and readouts, which resulted in me accidentally stopping the workout, so I started it again and it was great!

This afternoon we went to go see Breaking Dawn. I was super thankful that Nick ended up sitting next to another guy whose wife had talked him into going :-) They were both dedicated husbands and had seen all of the movies, it was awesome1 The movie was really good. I don't think anything could have made it better. The movie did lack the wolves talking back and fourth that made the book for me, but still it was really great. I will probably go see it again before it leaves the theatre. They had a trailer for The Hunger Games, which I am so exceed for! Yay March 23!!

All in all the weekend was great. Its now 8:45, Nick and Lilo are both already asleep and I am not far behind. Tomorrow run: 4 miles through Rome :-) Fun times!

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