Friday, 18 November 2011

one more day...I can do this!

Just one more day until we go pick up the treadmill - man this has been a long wait, especially for myself as I am NOT patient!  That's ok though, I can do this! Plus, I will still have the whole weekend (except for when I'm at Breaking Dawn!) to fiddle around and figure everything out plus go for a few good runs on it.

so..signed up for a 1/2 last weekend.
its gonna be awesome!
I've done a Nike+ 10K which was great, but a half marathon is just a brilliant idea! Combined with my treadmill - I can run wherever I want! I am feeling pretty spoiled about this whole thing really, its pretty awesome.

So, Breaking Dawn on Sunday. So Twilight and New Moon are on the docket for tomorrow night! whoop whoop!

AND..I watched the trailer for The Hunger Games. WOW! Excited because the casting is super dead on in my opinion and it looks soooooo great!

 Go watch the trailer :-)

Have an awesome evening I have no doubt that I will be blogging more over the weekend :-)

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