Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Dopey Challenge & Beyond

Contrary to my last post, I am doing the Dopey Challenge in 2015!

There are not very many half marathons in January here & the ones that exist, are all the way across the country & very small. When travelling to Ontario & further east, I want to participate in larger events & it would be nice to go when it's not winter storming out.

The 1/2's I am looking at so far are
- BMO Okanagan 1/2
- ScotiaBank Calgary (this is a definite!)
- Gopher Attack 1/2 in SK
- Not sure on MB
- Around the Bay 30K OR Ottawa 1/2 Marathon
- Rock n Roll Montreal Full
- BMO PEI 1/2
- Bay of Fundy 1/2
- Blue Nose 1/2
- not sure on NFLD
- Northwest Passage Marathon (no 1/2 offered) Nunavut
- Mayo Midnight 1/2 Marathon Yukon
- Yellowknife 1/2 Marathon

Many of the dates are very close to one another. So still much planning to do.

Looking forward to Dopey as the kick-off. I am going to run the distances on the 2014 dates at home. There will be a DRASTIC temperature difference but it will give me a feel for how I recover well in advance to adjust training as needed.

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