Thursday, 28 March 2013

Taking a Twitter/FaceBook break: Part One

Earlier this week while reading through posts on Twitter, I came across an article about being addicted to your iPhone. I pretty much knew before reading the article that I was addicted but thought I would read it for kicks. I cannot live without my phone & the social media/messaging connection it provides and the article confirmed this & also talked about the stress your iPhone can induce.

Now, I'm always working on dealing with stress in the best way possible as in the past it was something I've struggled with, so I took this to heart & decided to take a social media break from yesterday until Sunday. Needless to say, this is very difficult. I've refrained from checking Twitter & FaceBook though I have been checking email & iMessages.

This is toughest when hubby is at work & I'm home alone. What is there to do?!?! I thought a lot about the things I did before I got addicted to the Internet & that involved going outside, watching tv or reading books. Besides that I don't have very many hobbies.

So far, I've sat out on the deck with Lilo in the sun, in shorts! Played hide & seek with her in the house, gone for some walks, did a few Nike Training Club workouts, entered my running calendar from now until the end of September & just sat around & thought about stuff.

I'm missing checking in with everyone on Facebook & twitter & feel quite disconnected from everyone. I wasn't fully aware of the extent I use social media for my Information gathering & socializing especially over the last few months.

This will (& is) good for me I know, it is a bit of a challenge though!

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