Thursday, 6 October 2011

Rat Race

Run 6.5KM

OMG, its Fall! The weather is rainy and cold, the clouds are blocking out the sunlight, and it is dark when I wake up - oh yeah, so not a fan of fall/winter.

This week has been insane; just coming off of inventory at work, huge computer issues company wide, busy ops meeting, and *deep breath* i am off tomorrow....aaahhhhhh

Checked the weather and it is supposed to be rainy and a high of 9 degrees. plan is to uncover the treadmill as its been used for holding boxes and clothes down the basement all summer. I really don't like the treadmill, its noisy and squeaks, and is down the basement which is not my favourite place to be, but it will just have to do if I am too wimpy to go outside to the great outdoors.

I have EA Sports Active II which is fun for cardio and a little strength to get me up in the mornings. They do have a 10K run on there, wonder what that is like, running in one spot for 10K? hmm, I will try it tomorrow and report back.

I am stupidly excited to have a day off (and actually its a 3 days weekend) So that tells me I soooo need a break.

Gonna go walk the dogs, in the rain. We just have Molly with us for another full day then she's back to her home. Lilo will miss her like crazy, they play together so well :-)

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