Sunday, 16 October 2011

The Longest Run Ever!

Today was my longest run ever this morning 15K. And although I feel awesome for accomplishing it, it felt awful! As I said in my earlier post I got gluten from somewhere on the weekend, and I was dealing with Celiac issues all week, which meant I was pretty drained for today's run and my insistence on completing it, outweighed my more logical brain that was screaming not to do it.
Anyway, its done and now I am left with a very annoyed feeling since, once again,my lack of patience has gotten the better of me. Now I feel crappy and I am supposed to feel awesome and just tired!

So this week, my plan is to listen to the Logical Me, and take things slowly. Tomorrow is a rest day. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday are 5, 6, and 7K, Friday is a rest day, Saturday is the Halloween Howl and Sunday is 12K. I will dutifully follow my recipe for success, and if I feel like I do now, I will stop and give myself a break.

Ugh, that's all for now.

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