Saturday, 8 October 2011

Today was awesome

What a nice relaxing day! I got to do 'girly' things. Read some magazines, did up a Sephora order, Their website is having maintenance done so I can't finish off my order, so tomorrow I will most likely add more to it before completing it LOL.

Made some awesome pasta sauce - we ate most of it and didn't bother with making the pasta!

Nick and I played some Mario Kart on the wii which was great. We bought it yesterday complete with 2 steering wheels LOL, I love that game!

Molly went back to her home this afternoon, so Lilo is a little sad.

I've been thinking of pumpkin carving, this was last years:
and it turned out so awesome that I don't know what to do for this year! 

Tomorrow we are heading to Nick's Parents for Thanksgiving dinner. I am apparently bringing the only gluten free thing I had better bring something good!

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