Monday, 10 October 2011

anti aging, sheep and turkeys

(Run: 10K + wii yoga + EA Sports Active + 3K dog walk)

That's the number of people who are registered for the marathon I am running in May...I check every so often...wonder when more people sign up? Guess it is still 7 months away....

Finished off my Sephora order. Cannot wait to get it. Got some Amazing Cosmetics, and a new skin care regimen from Ole Henriksen..its anti aging..let's face it, I am 33 and although I am fine with getting older, I still wanna look my best!

Measured Lilo for her home made sheep costume I have decided to make for her, Nick, and I for the Halloween Howl. Last year there were all these cool dogs and their rocking' costumes and we didn't know we could bring dogs, so the plan for this year is to have fun with it and dress up. We are doing the 3K because that's about what Lilo can do, and all dressed up, thats asking a lot of her! I will post pictures as the costumes come together, so far, its all in my head, so I need to do some shopping and start getting creative.

Thanksgiving yesterday was awesome! There was lots of food for me to eat, Nick's Mom even made a GF Apple cake!!

Lilo had a blast and got SO dirty! I saw her walk into the mud, lay down, and smile LOL Here's a before + after:

Look Mom! I'm all clean, and being good.
what???? I'm just plain'.....

I also visited the turkeys...the living ones, not the one on the table....aww poor turkey!

turkeys, chickens, and peacocks oh my!

We ate a lot of food, played some games and everyone had a great time. The sunset was also beautiful!

so pretty!

  Unfortunately I did get some gluten from somewhere :-( but I guess it happens occasionally.

That's it for now!

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