Sunday, 9 October 2011


Run: 5K + EA Sports Active

I am a huge creature of habit, as I am sure most people are. Its Sunday today, but not a normal Sunday since we are going to meet Nick's parents for Thanksgiving dinner, so my routine feels weird.

I started out fine with a nice 5K which was great, the weather is chilly but not raining (!!!) so that was awesome. Then I went downstairs to pick out the cherry tomatoes. (yum) There are a bunch that still are changing colour, so maybe another week or two before I gobble them all up!

Then I started a new workout on EA Sports Active II. This one is the most challenging workout on there & it definitely wakes me up! After this one (its a 9 week program) I will probably go back to Wii Fit Plus which is fun. I love the yoga on there! These workouts are how I start my days in the fall and winter. The sun doesn't rise until 7AM or later now, and I do not like running in the dark, so this is what I do for exercise in the mornings when I work, and then after work, I go for a run. The sun is setting around 7PM not though which means its treadmill season soon, yuck.

I wouldn't really detest the treadmill so much except I know I will NEED to run on it so much this winter because of marathon training. Last winter I was good until about December and then that was about it until the weather improved. I would go outside when the weather was decent on weekends and never really thought much of it, but this winter is a whole different story!

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