Thursday, 19 January 2012

Running Is Awesome

Run: 5 miles

Today was not the best day ever. I was in a funk all day & really only improved at around 4, not for lack of effort for sure. I was having a super emotional day which on any typical day might be comical, but since I was also having a very serious day, it was just a little messy.

Anyway, glad I am feeling more chipper now!

I mentioned a few posts ago about the new Under Armor tank tops & shorts that I bought a few weeks ago. They truly are awesome! I LOVE how comfy the shorts are & the tanks fit well & are cool as well, thank you for Heat Gear.

I was certainly skeptical with the shorts being 'charged cotton' but seriously are charged with something super amazing as they are not hot, heavy, and they breathe really well too.

Last night's run was 3miles/5K. My legs were not sore before starting, they felt a little heavy is all. After the run they still felt good, so the rest day yesterday was a smart idea - GO ME! When I'm running I'm really working on keeping good form & not getting sloppy when I speed up or get tired. Its mostly successful although I will needto put a continued focus on this to really nail it in the longer runs.

This weekend on Saturday as part of my 5 mile run, I am doing a 5K Twitter Road Race (search #TwitterRoadRace on Twitter for more info). This is really a cool idea. Its the first one ever & there are (at the time of this post) over 700 people participating from all over the world. The idea behind it is to keep running fun & interesting & be a part of something new! All you do, is sign up, run 5K Saturday & then fill out a form with your time. All of the results will then be posted at the end. Some people have really got into it & posted logos and race numbers too.

Running Is Awesome.

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