Saturday, 7 January 2012

It Begins...almost :)

My actual marathon training plan starts on January 16th.
This is the real deal one. Everything I have been doing for the last year and a half ish has been prep. Building base really and now it\'s game time!!! So psyched for this!!

I have a very strong feeling right now that I have no idea what I am doing. I am clueless about hydration, have not really experimented with energy chews or gels, and hydrating as I go. I guess thats about where I should be but it\'s weird to not really have this all planned out...for me anyway. So I did a little online shopping today. I found a $1.99 water bottle holder I am going to try out for longer runs, and got some Honey Stinger chews as well. I also picked up some $4.99 bungee cord laces as I have a new fear of tripping on my laces LOL such a worry wort!

The weather this winter is so strange. There\'s basically no snow and the temperatures are so nice and warm! So I was able to do today\'s run outside which was a treat. Love my treadmill but the sunshine and outdoors just can\'t be beat in my books! So I did 6 Miles around the neighborhood and although i was super slow it felt good to enjoy the sunshine. Not sure why it went so slowly but oh well, that happens sometimes and tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow is 9 miles and then it\'s taper time for next weekends Nike Women\'s Half Marathon. I really hope the weather stays nice so that I can run it outside rather than on the treadmill, time will tell!

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