Sunday, 15 January 2012


So today I ran the Nike+ Women's Half Marathon. It was awesome! Such a confidence booster and just a fantastic way to end a pretty good weekend. So I treated it just like any other race and had set a start time of 9AM. I ran the whole thing on my treadmill and I have to say it was pretty awesome wearing shorts and a tank top when we had a snow storm outside! I wore new shorts and a new tank, both Under Armor and they both were fantastic, I made good purchases there! So I started out really fast. I did the first 10K at 46:03 which is only 16 seconds slower than my PR time, but that was from last year so apparently I am much faster now! As you can probably guess, this totally kicked me in the butt for the last part of the half. I slowed down drastically and ended up with a final time of 2:10:16. I am still SO thrilled with that time, it would have been MUCH smarter to keep a closer watch over my pace at the beginning though and I may have been a few minutes faster overall. Still, so psyched about my time and feel really prepared now to hunker down and train my butt off for the marathon in May. I am going into May with the outlook of being happy with completing the marathon. But after today it would be pretty cool to finish 4:30 or better. Still that's a long way away and a much different race than the one I did today, so still my goal is to complete it..I will worry about time for the second one. Anyway, I will post more on this later. One thing I'm not too happy with on iPad is not being able to upload pictures...oh well I can edit this later and stick some in there. Good night!

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