Friday, 20 January 2012

Ice Bath

Run: 3 miles

So last night iran 5 miles & pushed myself to go a little faster every K, and I did that in 1-7 and then that's all I had so the last K was a little slower. Because I'm running 6 days this week, and typically run 5, I didn't want to chance sore legs & so I decided to do an ice bath. I filled the tub just enough to cover my lower legs & knelt there for 10 uncomfortable and chilly minutes. My toes were the very coldest & my legs looked a little red lobster like.

This morning, my legs felt AWESOME and they have stayed that way all day. So I am a fan for sure! Its so good for them, and to recover so much faster is just fantastic!

So the weekend is

3 miles friday
5 miles with Twitter Road Race 5K in there too on saturday
10 miles on sunday

So weekly mileage is targeted to be: 2+3+5+3+5+10 = 28 miles.

Then Monday is cross training....not sure what that will be yet as its super chilly outside, any ideas? Something I can fit in early AM from 5 to 6 preferably.

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